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Are you overwhelmed with the amount of work you must produce?

Waste is one of the biggest problems with productivity in the corporate world. For the production side of business, Lean principles and practices have made a significant improvement in reducing waste. In Knowledge Work the waste is just as devastating, but not as obvious or visible. But it doesn’t stop with waste. Executives, managers and knowledge workers must also work with increasing speed, agility and focus in a dynamic situation. Knowledge workers must be both efficient and effective.

This is our core expertise – applying Lean Principles to all levels of knowledge workers, whether individuals, teams or workgroups to improve both personal and collective effectiveness by minimizing waste (muda) and increasing Value work. Using training, coaching and consulting we improve Knowledge Worker productivity at the point work. In other words, we help bridge people, process, and productivity technologies, such as Outlook, Lotus Notes, and document storage and sharing options (physical or digital).

In the digitally connected world of business, workflow is often initiated and communicated primarily through e-mail. Muda often starts here and exponentially expands as it moves through the channels until it becomes a monster for many. Our mission is to Slay the E-mail Monster and repurpose the recovered time and effort into doing the right work at the right time in the best way.

Call us to kill the muda, before the muda kills you.

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